Introduce a gifting solution on your Shopify store - upsell and re-engage your customers like never before

  • Bundling to help increase average order value

  • Customised cart checkout focusing on gifting needs to reduce drop-offs

  • Pre and post delivery campaign features to bring the receivers of the gift to the store


A new gifting section to help your customers connect to their loved ones

Choose your most loved products, bundle them and create a customized gifting section to delight your customers

Make it simple for your customers to order and schedule gifts

Gifting has been a missed opportunity for decades

GIFTKART is here to help online brands upsell, re-engage customers and improve retention with an integrated gifting application

  • Quick conversion with pre-bundled and handpicked selection of products

  • Long term retention with our data engine that helps you with personalized re-targeting campaigns

  • Increase your customer base and sales with offers and promotions for the receiver of the gift



Enhance user experience, anticipate buyer needs and create custom gift pages for targeted marketing

  • 2 steps to update your gifting page theme based on holidays and occasions like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving, national holidays etc.

  • Run customized sales and discount campaigns for gifting independently

  • Integrated pre and post delivery marketing campaigns for better customer engagement and retention

  • Social media marketing with user generated content from gift receivers



Treat your audience like you know them personally

  • Boost sales knowing what your audience is buying, what occasions they are purchasing and for whom

  • Increase campaign conversion during holidays with insights on purchasing patterns and customer behavior

  • Increase your loyal customer base with powerful email and sms marketing based on past behavior

Join thousands of businesses who are doing more with gifting

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